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We Help Hospitals Engage Patients in Better Care.

E3 Patient Engagement

Healthcare’s focus on evidence-based care has accelerated the demand for hospitals to educate and engage their patients, and to deliver the highest-quality care in the most efficient manner possible.

Allen Technologies’ E3 Patient Engagement Solutions are transforming the way hospitals engage with patients by giving patients access to information, education and comfort control that improves their literacy, enhances their experience and optimizes operational efficiency.

Educating Patients & Improving Literacy

Helping patients fully understand their health condition, treatment, medications, and post-discharge instructions is key to reducing readmissions and speeding recovery. Allen’s E3 Patient Engagement Solutions suite helps hospitals achieve higher levels of patient literacy, with less time required by nursing staff.

Speed Recovery through Enhanced Comfort

Delivering a great patient experience is a top priority for hospitals. An exceptional patient experience starts before admission, and ends long after hospital discharge. The impact can be seen in everything from a speedier recovery with less chance for readmission, to happier and more engaged employees, and a healthier bottom line.

In a setting where the customer has little control over many decisions, Allen’s interactive patient engagement solutions put control over comfort decisions in the hands of the patient. Empowered patients are happier patients, and that translates to higher HCAHPS scores for hospitals.

In-Room Entertainment

Allen’s E3 Patient Engagement Solutions help improve the patient experience and elevate patient satisfaction by offering a unique entertainment package to your facility.

Room Comfort Features

Allen’s room comfort features give patients the ability to manage their own environment through a simple interface, and our fully customizable, plug-and-play approach lets you select the specific functionality you want to offer patients.

Concierge Services

Making your patients’ hospital stay as ‘hotel-like’ as possible is the goal behind Allen’s concierge options. Like our modules, you can custom select which capabilities you want – choose some now and add others when you’re ready.

Reduce Hospital Waste by Streamlining Operations

Hospitals are seeking innovative approaches to deliver the highest quality health care experience in the most efficient way possible.

Our E3 Solutions streamline operational processes by automating routine tasks that previously required intervention by nurses or other staff. We seamlessly integrate with your hospital’s housekeeping, HVAC, dietary, nurse call and electronic medical records systems. You’ll save valuable staff time, enabling more attention on patient care rather than routine room requests.

SmartRoom Solutions

Allen’s E3 Patient Engagement Solutions take building automation to the next level with smart-room capabilities that integrate into your existing facilities systems. Our solutions minimize the need for staff intervention to handle routine tasks – saving you time and money.

Communication Management

Streamlining communication across multiple units, floors and even buildings in a 24/7 environment can be a challenge. Allen’s E3 Patient Engagement Solutions enable fast, efficient communication to patients and staff using the interactive patient engagement system.

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