Streamline Operational Efficiency

Improve Staff Workflows with Seamless Integration

There are many ways that E3 improves efficiency – the third E of the Allen solution. E3 Patient Engagement Solutions transform the traditional patient room into a Patient Smart Room™. Through its wide, seamless integrations with multiple hospital systems, the hospital benefits through streamlined automation of services that no longer require staff intervention. This saves the hospital staff time, improves staff communication, and has been proven to lower operating costs such as heating and cooling expenses.

$2 Million
2 Million in CMS Incentives
Energy Savings in 1 Year
Increase in Nurse Communication Rating
Staff Hours Saved through Allen Room Dining Solution
Reduction in Bed-Turn Time

Note: actual results from Allen clients. Individual hospital results will vary.

Our Patient Smart Room™ Solutions

Allen’s E3 Patient Engagement Solutions take building automation to the next level with Patient Smart Room™ capabilities that integrate into your existing facility systems. Our solutions minimize the need for staff intervention to handle routine tasks – saving hospitals money and improving response times.

SmartRoom Solutions

Automated Energy Savings

The module integrates with existing systems, reducing airflow to unoccupied rooms to conserve energy. Once reoccupied, the module readjusts room temperatures to achieve optimal patient comfort. This improved efficiency has resulted in cost savings of more than $101,000 per year for one 300-bed Allen Technologies client facility. This innovative, fully scalable solution is ready to meet your hospital’s needs both now and in the future. This solution can be deployed cloud-based or on-site with a server. Learn more about this solution by downloading the whitepaper.

Room Readiness

The room readiness feature facilitates communication between the housekeeping team to streamline workflows and reduce bed turn time.

Integrated Patient Meal Ordering

Interactive menus integrate with your existing dietary system, enabling patients to order meals based on their dietary restrictions. A touchscreen functionality eliminates the need to print menus, reducing hospital printing costs and staff time to distribute menus.

Nurse Call Integration

Our interactive system complements most nurse call systems and delivers seamless communications from patient to nurse. Choose from a wide variety of pillow speaker partners.

Communication Management

Streamlining communication across multiple units, floors and buildings in a 24/7 environment can be challenging. Allen’s E3 Patient Engagement Solutions enable fast, efficient communication with patients, and staff members using the interactive patient engagement system.

Site-wide Notifications

Allen Technologies’ Site-Wide Notification feature creates a unique way for hospitals to relay messages such as severe weather updates, emergency notifications, hospital and visitor information, event-specific messaging or other updates to patients and staff instantly.

Patient Reminders

Patient reminders generate immediate feedback on hospital services, such as daily patient check-in surveys. Allen’s patient reminders can be customized and delivered to a specific patient or patient groups.

Popular Hospital Efficiency Features

  • Instant Facility-Wide Communication
  • Bedside Temperature Control
  • Automated Energy Savings (Unoccupied Rooms)
  • Interactive Health Records
  • Room Readiness
  • Integrated Patient Meal Ordering
  • Guest Tray Ordering
  • Reporting Dashboard

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